Partnering for Progress: Our Role in the Sungai Rasau Water Supply Scheme

18 April 2024

Selangor, Malaysia: Clean water is the lifeblood of any community, and here at Batchtec, we're proud to be playing a vital role in securing a sustainable water supply for the Klang Region. 

As part of the massive Sungei Rasau Water Supply Scheme (Stage 1), we're leveraging the power of our state-of-the-art batching plants to ensure this crucial project runs smoothly.

The Sungei Rasau Water Supply Scheme, with a contract value of 1,968 million ringgit, is a game-changer for the region. Package 1 encompasses the design and build of a brand new raw water intake facility, extensive raw water pumping mains, a high-capacity water treatment plant, and all the necessary associated works. 

Overview of Sungei Rasau Water Supply Scheme
Image Source: Air Selangor

The project has identified five to ten existing tin mining ponds as Off-River Storage Facilities (ORS), ranging in various sizes, with the largest reaching 164 hectares. Located in the districts of Sepang and Petaling, these ponds offer a unique opportunity to leverage existing resources for water storage.

The ORS facilities will act as a buffer, storing raw water during periods of high flow and releasing it during dry seasons. This helps ensure a consistent and reliable water supply throughout the year.  

This ambitious undertaking requires a constant flow of precisely mixed concrete, and that's where our batching plants come in.

Using our advanced control system, our batching plants precisely measure and combine all the necessary materials, ensuring a consistent and high-quality mix every single time.

The Sungei Rasau Water Supply Scheme is a critical step towards securing a sustainable water future for the Klang Region. By leveraging our expertise and technology, we're proud to be contributing to this essential project. With our batching plants at the core, we're laying the foundation for a brighter, more water-secure future for all. 

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