Batchtec's Integral Role In The Johor Bahru – Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link

11 December 2023

Singapore: In an era where seamless connectivity is paramount, the collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia in establishing a high-speed railway link marks a significant milestone in regional transportation. 

The Johor Bahru - Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link aims to connect Bukit Chagar in Johor Bahru city to Woodlands in Singapore via a railway shuttle link approximately 4 kilometres in length, serving about 10,000 passengers per hour each way to help ease traffic congestion on the Causeway. 

Alignment Map of RTS Link between Johor Bahru (left) and Singapore (right)
Image Source: MRT Corp

Batchtec is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative project.  The RTS Link demands state-of-the-art machinery capable of delivering exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency and our company rose to the occasion, providing a horizontal twin plant with two production lines that not only met but exceeded the stringent quality and output requirements of this ambitious project, leveraging on cutting-edge technology to precisely mix and produce concrete with the optimal blend of strength, durability, and workability.

RTS Progress (Singapore side) as of December 2023​ ​

The installation of this plant also posed a unique challenge due to its proximity to a prominent tertiary institution. Understanding the importance of maintaining a tranquil and dust-free environment for our neighbours, especially in an academic setting, we have implemented comprehensive mitigation strategies. 

Cutting edge barriers and soundproofing measures have been installed at the plant and at key points along the construction site perimeter to minimize the impact of noise and dust on the tertiary institution.

Batchtec Horizontal Twin Plant located near the RTS Project Site

As the trains start to race between Singapore and Malaysia, our machinery will continue to be the backbone of this monumental project, symbolizing the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to progress.

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